Monday, June 14, 2010

Hot Stuff

Back in the day....WAY back in the day, i use to collect Casper comics. I feel i can admit that... now:0) I always thought that Hot Stuff was a cool character, but never liked the fact that he was a baby devil.
After getting some ideas from a comic book store, making him older seemed to be the right direction. Putting some pants and a shirt on him, make him look a little devious, and toss in some cool mood lighting seemed a little better then to have him running around in saggy diapers.


Anonymous said...

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dark spiderman said...

very cool drawing, it remembers me the new outfit of hot stuff from "casper and the spectrals".
about his age, In the comics even adult devils wear diapers, and according to some comics hot stuff is at least several hundreds years old, but is considered very young, however many of his cousins are younger than him. comics book are very unclear about it, but he is constantly mistook for an escolar kid in a costume, and in crossover he is in the same age than casper.